A community-wide event to celebrate with first-year students as they display products of their first semester. 

Explorations is a celebration of the end of the semester with music, food, and displays of students’ work from courses, communities, and extracurricular activities; a great opportunity to meet and interact with current and future College of Engineering leaders.  Learn about the many intriguing, inspiring, and innovative things that are happening in the first-year.  Interact with students, faculty members, corporate representatives, and community members.

Details about Explorations for the 2016 fall semester will be added as they are available

If you intend to present, register your project

If you do not intend to submit a project, RSVP here

Special grand prizes will be given to teams/individuals with outstanding posters, projects, and presentations voted on by guests and companies.


IEFX Electives
Grand Challenges course!
Student selected and managed projects
Engineering in Global Development
And many more!


Undergraduate and graduate students
Middle and high school students and teachers
Corporate representatives
University administration, faculty, and staff