Summer Scholars Resident Advisor

The Resident Advisor assumes an active leadership role in developing and maintaining a positive community environment within the IEFX Summer Scholars program. He or she serves as a role model and resource person in assisting students in their transition to the University of Illinois campus.

The job is estimated at approximately 10-12 hours per week, but fluctuates based on the needs of the students in the program.  Please note: If you are registered for courses at any point during the summer you are limited to working no more than 28 hours/week inclusive of all jobs on campus.

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Expectations and Qualifications

  • Engineering student with a minimum of 4 semesters at the university
  • Good academic standing
  • Eligible to work in the US/ on campus; employment contingent on background check
  • Available as an RA from June 6th to August 5th
  • Commits to residing at Nugent Hall for the entirety of the program.


  • Serve as a role model/peer mentor
  • Meet with small groups of students (approx. 5 groups of 4 students each) within in their given group, each week to discuss the student’s experience
  • Develop positive relationships with all residents on their floor and know them on a personal yet professional level
  • Maintain availability to residents on a daily basis and assist students in the evenings with concerns/emergencies.
  • Identify and offer assistance to students who have personal, academic, health, or other concerns
  • Support students’ transition to university life by providing workshops related to educational, social, and cultural needs of the students
  • Enforce program policies and maintains standards of community behavior including addressing inappropriate behavior, and document incidents as necessary
  • Report weekly to Summer Scholars Director to discuss upcoming schedule


RAs will be paid $10/hour (approximately 10-12 hours/week).  Housing (Single room) will be provided at Nugent Hall.  RAs will also have paid training sessions on June 6th and June 7th.

Reporting Line

Director of Summer Scholars Program