IEFX Projects Lab

The IEFX Projects Lab is a collaborative space used as a classroom, workshop, and meeting room. 

The room is opened to students and staff looking for a place to design, test, and build.  All reservations go through the office of IEFX.   If you are interested in reserving the space, please read the terms of use below prior to your reservation request. 

IEFX Projects Lab
2320 Digital Computer Lab
1304 W. Springfield Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801


  • Seats 60 at full capacity
  • PC computer and projector available


Scheduling priority is given to courses and groups affiliated with IEFX and the Learning in Community program.  However other courses and organizations are encouraged to use the space.  Courses using the Projects Lab will follow University guidelines and campus standards for facility use and course scheduling.

The room is accessed by iCard.  Access is given only through request.

Facility and Equipment Use
After the event, please return the room in its preferred condition.

  • Clean tables and floors
  • Cleared whiteboards
    • Movable whiteboards are stored in the northeast corner of the room.
  • Tables and chairs originally arranged
    • Tables:  3 across and 4 down
    • Chairs:  5 chairs at each table

If materials are in need for necessary storage in the space, it must be approved first by the office of IEFX then stored in the adjacent storage room and labeled with information designating course or organization.  If not approved, all items will get discarded.   To use the tools, materials, and/or equipment in the lab please note that request when scheduling the room.  Training is required.


  • Individual(s) who will be operating or supervising the operation of equipment in the lab must be trained by a person approved by IEFX.
  • When equipment operation is in use the trained individual must be present at all times.

IEFX is not responsible for safeguarding any personal computers, equipment, documents, or other materials you may bring or leave within the lab.